Ms Access Entry Using Ms Excel

Microsoft Access is a convenient database package. It has templates for creating personal databases for books, recipes, etc. These templates are accessed by the Database Wizard which can be opened from the initial screen. The more specialized databases are created using

It is probably most efficient to enter the data into an Excel file and then import that file into Access. One reason that it is more convenient to work through Excel is that arithmetic manipulations such as computing ratios are easily done in Excel but only done with difficulty or not at all in Access.

Importing a database from Excel
• First create the Microsoft Database file, .mdb
• Select FILE and click on GET EXTERNAL DATA
• Select IMORT
• Scroll down the File Type menu to Microsoft Excell files
• Select from the list provided the file to be imported
• Click on IMPORT
• Click on NEXT
• Click on FINISH

Once the data is entered into the database the operations of sorting and selecting subtables from the data can be carried out.

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