PowerPoint Tutorial

Here is an excellent 69-page PowerPoint Tutorial, named Using Microsoft Powerpoint 2003. Using step-by-step instructions and screen shots, it teaches you how to use Powerpoint 2003 to its fullest, using much of its functionality. It shows you how to perform the following important tasks: formatting bullets, creating master views, working with clip art and images, creating charts and graphs, working with the drawing tools, using the color palettes, and making transitions and animation effects. This PowerPoint training guide and tutorial is 1.75mb in size and is in pdf format. It is located in the University’s ITS Guides page.

Contents of Using Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 Tutorial:

– Introduction
– Getting started with PowerPoint
– The New Presentation Task Pane
– AutoContent Wizard
– Navigation
– The Views
– Design Templates
– Creating a new Slide
– Adding additional Slides
– Text formatting: Bullets
– Master Views
– Clip Art
– Inserting, scaling, moving and deleting objects
– Images
– Organization Charts
– Diagrams
– Charts and Graphs
– Comments
– Working with Drawing Tools
– Layout
– Using the Color Palettes
– Multi-media elements
– Slide Shows
– Transitions, simple Text Animation Effects and Timings
– Applying Animation Effects to text and objects
– Customizing Slide Shows
– Page / Slide Format
– Printing
– Saving Presentations
– Creating a Slide Show File
– Getting Help for PowerPoint

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