Introducing Data Analysis Using Excel 2007 and 2010 Part-1

Introducing Data Analysis Using Excel 2007 and 2010

The student familiar with Data Analysis using Ms Excel 2007 or Ms Excel 2010, Organizing Worksheet Data, Creating Formula, Using Function (Statistics & Financial ), Working With Pivot Tables and Charting Data

A report produced by the students should be in the form of working procedures and results in both softcopy and hardcopy

1. The Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 2007

  • If you look at the very top of the Excel 2007 screen, you’ll see what’s called the Quick Access Toolbar. The default will look similar to this:

  • The floppy disk icon is for quick saving, then you have an Undo, and Redo options, followed by a printer. You can add your own items to the Quick Access Toolbar. In the next part, you’ll see what a Data Form is. However, Data Forms are not on the Excel Ribbon, but have now been tucked away. So we’ll add the Data Forms icon to the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • To find Data Forms, click on the File button in the top left of Excel. From the File menu, click on Excel options at the bottom:

  • When you click the Excel Options button, you’ll see this dialogue box popping up:

  • Click the Customization button on the left. The idea is that you can place any items you like on the Quick Access toolbar at the top of Excel 2007. You pick one from the list, and then click the Add button in the middle.
  • To add the Data Form option to the Quick Access Toolbar, click the drop down list where it says Choose Commands From. You should see this (we’ve chopped a few options off, in the image below):

From the Commands Not in  the Ribbon list, select Form. Now click the Add button in the Middle. The list box on the right will then look something like this one:

  • Explore the other items you can add to the Quick Access Toolbar. You might find your favourite in there somewhere!
  • When you click OK on the Excel Options dialogue box, you’ll be returned to Excel 2007. Look at the Quick Access toolbar, and you should see your new item:

  • The Data Form item is highlighted, in the image above. We’ll be using this icon in the next part.

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