More command to the Quick Access Toolbar

Excel 2010 has gotten a lot more flexible than Excel 2006 , by letting you customize the Ribbon in order to see more commands in the Quick Access toolbar

The Quick Access toolbar for one-click access to your most frequently used commands, no matter which Ribbon tab is showing. You can do this via Backstage’s Options screen, but there is quicker way by click the small down arrow to the right on the Quick Access toolbar and choose More Commands.

From the left-hand side of the screen that appears, choose commands that you want to add to the toolbar and click Add. You can change the order in which the buttons appear on the toolbar by highlighting a button on the right side of the screen and using the up and down arrows to move it.


Adding buttons to the Quick Access toolbar.


The list of commands you see on the left may seem somewhat limited at first. That’s because

Excel is showing you only the most popular commands. Click the drop-down menu under

“Choose commands from” at the top of the screen, and you’ll see other lists of commands — All Commands, Home Tab and so on. Select any option, and there will be plenty of commands you can add.

Finally, there’s an even easier way to add a command. Right-click any object on the Ribbon and choose “Add to Quick Access Toolbar.” You can add not only individual commands in this way, but also entire groups — for example, the Sparklines group; or forms.

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