YouTube for Excel 2007


VLOOKUP in Excel 2007
Microsoft Excel 2007 Vlookup 1


Excel 2007 Demo-Data takes shape with conditional formatting


Excel 2007 Pie Chart
Creating a Combination Chart in Excel 2007

Excel 2007 Demo – Create charts

Making a Gantt Chart in Excel 2007
Easy Way to Make a Graph on Excel FROM SCRATCH – Excel 2007

fx – Formula

Excel 2007: Working with Formulas
Using the IF Statement in Excel 2007
Tracing Formulas in Excel 2007
Excel 2007: Use simple formulas to do the math
Excel 2007 Magic Trick #36: NEW TABLE FEATURE: Dynamic Range
Excel 2007 Hlookup SumIF Round

Filter and Sort

Excel Basics #14: Excel 2007 Filter and Sort by Color

Data Validation

Excel 2007 #2 Dynamic Data Validation w Table
How to use data validation in Excel 2007
Microsoft Excel 2007: How to Create a Drop Down List


Excel 2007 Pivot Table Layout

Computers Programs & Accessories : How to Make a Pivot Table in Excel
Building a Pivot Table in Excel 2007
Microsoft Excel 2007 Pivot Table
Remove Old Items in Excel 2007 Pivot Table


Excel 2007: Getting Started with Templates

What If Analysis:  Scenario; Goal Seek and Data Table

Excel 2007: Working with What-If Analysis

Excel 2007 – Using Goal Seek to calculate a value

Excel 2007 VBA

Remove Duplicate Records in Excel 2007
Microsoft Excel 2007 VBA training courses and free online tutorials
Microsoft adCenter Add-in for Excel 2007
How to create your first macro in Excel 2007

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