ABC Syllabus


Applied Business Computation (MNJ106)

  1. Faculty Member

Ir. Aurino Rilman Adam Djamaris, MM

  1. Course Description

This course prepares the participants to use generic computing applications (spreadsheet and database) for solving daily trivial problems in business and management.

  1. Course Prerequisite

Business Math

  1. Textbook and Other Required Materials
    1. Books:
      1. i.      John Walkenbach & Brian D. Bissett , Excel 2007 Vba Programming For Dummies, Wiley Publishing Co., 2008
      2. ii.      Alan Simpson, Margaret L Young, Alison Barrows, Access 2007 For Dummies, Wiley Publishing Co., 2008
      3. iii.      Robert Setiadi,  Algoritma Itu Mudah, Prima Infosarana Media, Gramedia, 2008
      4. iv.      Denise Etheridge, Excel 2007 Data Analysis, Wiley Publishing Inc, 2008
      5. Internets:
        1. i.
        2. ii.
        3. iii.
        4. iv.


  1. Objective
    1. To introduce various tool by using generic computing applications, for solving trivial daily business problems,
    2. To introduce algorithm and VBA programming techniques.
    3. To understand the relation of numbers gathered from data into physical description for facilitating decision analysis,
    4. To use generic computing applications in creating and analyzing, charting and presenting business data,
    5. To introduce database application
  2. Methods of Instructions
    1. Classroom instruction consists of lectures and practical problem solving, supplemented by visual aids designed to assist the student to successfully meet the course’s learning objectives
    2. Laboratory assignment
  3. Course outline

Topics covered:

Week Topic Description
1 Intro To ABC Scope, Tools, Usage Of Excel, Algorithm, VBA And Access, Word and Power Point Introducing the scope of Applied Business Computation area, introducing tools that is used in practice, introducing tools that is used during this class, introducing the usage of Excel, Access, Word and Power Point and Visual Basic for Application, introducing the philosophy and course delivery, etc.
Introduction to Excel
2 Introducing Data Analysis Using Excel 2007( I) Introduction to Data Analysis using Ms Excel 2007, Organizing Worksheet Data, Creating Formula, Using Function (Statistics & Financial ), Working With Pivot Tables and Charting Data
3 Introducing Data Analysis Using Excel 2007( II) Useful data analysis tools and techniques such as Using External Data  with Excels, Perform What If analysis, Optimize using Goal Seek, Solve formula with Data Table, Statistical Data Analysis
4 Introducing To Visual Basic For Application Introducing to Visual Basic for Application (VBA) language and let the student feel right away with hands on guide to VBA syntax
5 How Vba Works With Excel Discussing about modules (the sheets that store VBA code) and introducing to the Excel object model. Discover the difference between subroutines and functions, a crash course in the Excel macro recorder
6 Programming Concept Using Vba Language Elements Explaining/discussing the essential elements of Excel programming. Some examples that can be adopted such as objects, worksheet functions, program flow and decision making, automatic procedures and events, techniques of handling errors.
7 Finding Bugs And Program Example Bugs extermination techniques, programming examples, communicating with users through dialog boxes, input boxes, user form basics, user form controls, user forms techniques and tricks
8 Mid Term Mid Term – Project Base
9 Garbage In Garbage Out, Protecting Data, Queries Defining database and database model through relational method, creating database using Access, creating database from a relational model
10 Form Designing and using forms, reports
11 Automation In Access Making MACRO do the work, enhancing MACRO usage for smarter job, database housekeeping, managing multi user database, securing the database
12 Database Administration Database house keeping , managing multi user access 


13 Programming In Vba For Database Programming using VBA for Access 



14 Programming In Vba For Database VBA execution, User Interface Implementation, SQL and Debugging VBA code 


15 Review of  Database Development
16 Final exam Final exam – Project Base
  1. Method of Evaluation
    1. Final Test                                             40
    2. Mid Test                                                30
    3. Practicum and Assignment           30

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